All tickets are valid on both the Davis Park and the Watch Hill ferries. 

Credit Cards are accepted at the Watch Hill Terminal for regular fares
MasterCard & Visa ONLY
$28.50 Minimum

One Way

Round Trip





(ages 2-11)




(Ages 65+)






Multi Trip options**

20 trip ticket Book

Valid for 2 years from issue date


40 trip Card

valid for one person for one season


60 trip card

valid for one person for one season


**Cards and books must be purchased at the Davis Park Ferry Terminal. They are not available for purchase at the Watch Hill Terminal. Only cash or check will be accepted for books and cards.



Individual packages

(up to 50 lbs)


Shopping Cart


Red wagon




Garden cart


* Prices and item descriptions are offered as guidelines. Overweight/oversized items are subject to additional charges. Carts not fitting descriptions will be charged by number of items in cart or by the visually closest cart type.

Banner Photo by Regina Siepmann